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you just Do it iF you wAnt to还是you just Do it...

you just do it if you want正确。 前有do后无to的用法.具体参考如下: (1)连词连接两不定式前面的有do后面的to do的to省略,如: I have nothing to do but watch TV all day long. Tom have no choice but to give it up. (2)用is连接,不定...

If you want to do something .just do it ,while you active .while you be young 如果你想做点什么,就去做吧,当你积极的时候,而你是年轻的。


如果你想去做一些事情 ,那就去做吧,我相信你会做出很大的进步

do在这里是做的意思,不是助动词 比如Make sure you do have it done.这里的do是助动词,表示强调语气,done作为do的完成时,不是助动词 再如Do You have a pen? do是助动词 just do it根据语境可译作 尽管去做吧/快去做 有催促之意

Once you think of it, do it.

Forrest: And you wouldn't believe it if I ...但我知道什么是爱情) 19.I want to go home (...

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没有,很正确。 if you like如果你喜欢的话 老师祝你学习进步! 望采纳,多谢!^_^

do what you want to do without thinking too much,and you will achieve your dream sooner all later.

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