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歌曲名:What Kind Of Man Would I Be? 歌手:Chicago 专辑:Chicago 19 Girl, well it's been one of those days again and it seems like the harder I try over and over, I'm right back where I began but you understand Oh girl, when nothi...


what-the-kind-of-you 你怎样 双语例句 1. I wonder, now , Mr. Clare, what the impudence of you men will come to! 圣·克莱亚先生, 我不知道你们男人的粗野无礼要发展到什么地步. 2. What the kind of things that make you angry in normal ...

kind 英【kaInd】 n.方式;方法;本质;天性;同类;某类 adj.仁慈的;体贴的;友善的;好心的;温和;宽宏大量的 复数:kinds 比较级:kinder 最高级:kindest 【网络释义】实物的;非现金的;返还的。 例句: 1、What kind of man is he? 2、Th...

what kind of sumshine can 什么样的阳光可以 例句: what kind of sumshine can let us happy. 什么样的阳光可以让我们高兴。

what kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 什么样的人能举重若轻? 双语例句 1 What kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 哪种人能够把东西提起来而不用举起?

1what kind of hand cannot hold anything?(什么手不能抓住东西?) The hands of the clocks(钟表的“手”也就是指针) 2What kind of man cannot live inside the house?(什么人不能住在房子里?) snowman(雪人)

excellent man 希望采纳

虞其君kind单词讲解,仅供参考,请勿抄袭: 形容词,表示善良的; 名称,表示种类,一般句型为what kind of+名词复数.......某物种类的.......? 固定词组:different kinds of 不同种类的 kind of+形容词,表示有点,相当于a little。

kind作名词用时,表示种类。 比较下面的结构: a kind of +单数名词(不加冠词) 一种 this kind of +单数名词(不加冠词) 这种 many kinds of +单数名词丨复数名词(不加冠词) 许多种 different kinds of +单数名词丨复数名词(不加冠词) 不同...

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