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what kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 什么样的人能举重若轻? 双语例句 1 What kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 哪种人能够把东西提起来而不用举起?

歌曲名:What Kind Of Man 歌手:Martin Delray 专辑:What Kind Of Man What kind of man is this kind Who can make me love him still If you take my heart don't break it Its been broken once before If you hap on my road Don't ask where...


为您解答 错句。 What kind of man are you? 疑问句是what

C 试题分析:句意:她结婚15年了,但是她还不知道她嫁的是哪种人。Marry结婚,是瞬间动词,不能与表示持续的时间段连用,故用had been married,表示状态;marry 是及物动词,可直接接宾语,故选C。


what kind of man do you like, 或者what type of man do you like, 或者直接问what's your type.

我很喜欢你写的,我会尽全力翻译完 你相信我,我在国外念书不需要翻译器,不过语法方面请你看一下!^^ 看完了我也学到了很多。。。 今天是公元2009年...

What Kind of Man - Florence the Machine I was on a heavy tip Tryna cross a canyon with a broken limb You were on the other side Like ...

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. 恐惧让你沦为囚犯。希望让你重获自由 Red: Let me tell you something my friend: Hope is...

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