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what kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 什么样的人能举重若轻? 双语例句 1 What kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 哪种人能够把东西提起来而不用举起?

为您解答 错句。 What kind of man are you? 疑问句是what


歌曲名:What Kind Of Man Would I Be 歌手:mint condition 专辑:The Collection (1991-1998) Girl, well it's been one of those days again and it seems like the harder I try over and over, I'm right back where I began but you understa...

歌曲名:What Kind Of Man? 歌手:The Original Broadway Cast Of Curtains 专辑:Curtains Original Broadway Cast Recording What kind of man is this kind Who can make me love him still If you take my heart don't break it Its been broke...

kind [英][kaɪnd][美][kaɪnd] n.〈古〉方式,方法; 本质,天性; 同类; 某类; adj.仁慈的,体贴的; 友善的,好心的; 温和; 宽宏大量的; 复数:kinds最高级:kindest比较级:kinder 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. But is trading one k...

what kind of man do you like, 或者what type of man do you like, 或者直接问what's your type.

kind of,sort of是一样的 没有区别 哪种 还有一个意思 是 有点 type of 那个类型 他们后面不能接动词

Snow Man 雪人

那种人能挑战王权 什么是自由 什么是生活

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