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tAkE up to Do sth

take up 1.开始从事 When did he take up football? 他是什么时候开始踢足球的? 2.占用;化去 The work took up all his time. 那工作花费了他所有的时间. take-up 名词 n. 1.拿起;抬起;举起 2.拉紧;收紧;卷紧 3.(照相机等的)卷片装置 4.【纺】织...

用take up a challenge to do sth怎么 造句 We should take up a challenge to learn English well.

开始做某事,从事做某事 例句: Your progress towards ascension is speeding up, and certain events mustsoon take place so that you may continue doing so. 你扬升前进的步伐在不断加速,某些事情必须尽快进行,以保证你们能继续加速提升。


I take up teaching.

take the place of sb. She dresses up early every morning.


give up to do sth. 事情还没开始,就放弃了 give up doing sth. 事情做到中途,才放弃的


take on = 承担. example: I will take on the responsibility if you don't. take up = 占用, 接纳. example: He takes up the mother's role as well after his wife died. take in = 摄取, 参加 example: Anybody will be taken in of the na...

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