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tAkE up Doing sth意思

开始做某事,从事做某事 例句: Your progress towards ascension is speeding up, and certain events mustsoon take place so that you may continue doing so. 你扬升前进的步伐在不断加速,某些事情必须尽快进行,以保证你们能继续加速提升。

take up 1.开始从事 When did he take up football? 他是什么时候开始踢足球的? 2.占用;化去 The work took up all his time. 那工作花费了他所有的时间. take-up 名词 n. 1.拿起;抬起;举起 2.拉紧;收紧;卷紧 3.(照相机等的)卷片装置 4.【纺】织...

I take up teaching.

Wouldn't it be better for her to continue to do this work than to take up something new?

take up 基本翻译 vi. 拿起(开始,从事,吸取,接纳) 网络释义 take up:开始从事|开始|占去,占据 take-up spool:卷片轴|卷带轴|收带轴 take-up reel:卷带盘、收片盘|收线轮|收带盘 take off 基本翻译 v. 起飞,脱掉 起飞 网络释义 take off:起飞|脱...

take on = 承担. example: I will take on the responsibility if you don't. take up = 占用, 接纳. example: He takes up the mother's role as well after his wife died. take in = 摄取, 参加 example: Anybody will be taken in of the na...

Sleep deprivation can cause problems for people with heart disease. 睡眠不足会损害心脏病患者的健康。

1. turn to doing sth 开始从事/致力于... 如: The farmers here turned to keeping cattle from 2012. 2. turn to sb/sth 求助于,转向 如:He turned to me for help. Please turn to Page 911.

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l take up taking math lessons.

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