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shE is tEn和shi is tEn yEArs olD 区别

逻辑上没区别,只是要说区别可以翻译如下: she is ten:她有10岁了 she is ten years old:她是10岁的年纪

翻译 她十岁了。


ten years old,形容词 改过来应该是ten-year-old

The term originates from the 1400s when many women were considered to be witches. People would say "She's a ten" when they thought somebody was a Witch, because back then Witches would roam the streets in groups of ten. Therefo...

She's ten years old?改为一般疑问句 Is she ten years old? 她10岁了吗?

She is ten years old girl 不要加 因为she 就代表她是女的

she's ten years old.her student number is sixteen. 她十岁了,她的学号是16. student number: 学号;学生号码;学员编号 例句: 1.Required to merge the two lists, in ascending order by student number. 要求把两个链表合并,按学号升序...

She is ten. She is a ten-year-old girl. She is ten years old.

没有 gears ojd 这样的词汇,你得把句子写对才可以改为特殊疑问句。正确的写法是 She is ten years old,特殊疑问句有两种: How old is she? 她多大了(或几岁了)? Who is ten year old? 谁十岁了?

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