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歌曲名称 Fire - Gavin DeGraw

是男孩组合a1的歌,在他们的专辑里也有收录,歌词如下: mark: you said you need a groom this evening i told you i'm leaving till you bagged me to stay you got your high heels on to tease me you promised to please me then you take it 。

有 但是不是中国战队 北美那边的

EDG有fireloli 爱萝莉

Aggressive Michael-the dinner World on Fire -Lord of the Ants Rags To Rings

Light A Fire - Rachel Taylor You may say you're walking all by yourself Have no one else Your life is deadly like a loaded gun And you're shaking, love Don't shiver, don't give up Don't quiver, you're enough You will be just fi...

2016年的全明星来了 图标又可以用了 不过击杀特效没了

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