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givE up的用法

give in和give up 两者都可表示“交给”,但有区别:give in 主要表示将某物(如报告、试卷等)呈交给有权受理此物的人;而 give up 通常只是 一般性地表示将某物让给、交给或献给他人或用作他用. 如: Give in your examination papers now.现在把考...

人称代词放中间,比如it,me ,them. 普通名词放后面

give up 1.stop trying;cease doing sth.停止做某事;放弃做某事 *I did want a holiday abroad,but I've given up the ided.我确实想出国度假,但现在已放弃了这个想法。 *If everyone gave up smoking and drinking,it would bring abou...

part with 与...分开,舍弃(侧重分开) She hate to part with her parents, but she has to go to school. 她不愿与她父母分开,但是她不得不去上学。 They will easily part with their family if their spouses do not support them in this...

give up .放弃;抛弃;戒除;交出 例句用法: 1.She doesn't give up easily. 她做任何事都不轻易放弃。 2.The doctors had given her up but she made a remarkable recovery. 医生们已放弃了治愈她的希望,而她却恢复得很好。 3.You might as w...

两种表达方式都是正确的。 第二种也就是一种用法,非要叫什么的话,宾语前置?

give in 是屈服的意思。give up =stop doing sth.停止做某事

give off 发出或放出(光、热、气味等) give up 放弃 give out 分发;用完;发出 give in 让步,呈交


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