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give up to do sth.事情还没开始,就放弃了 give up doing sth.事情做到中途,才放弃的

give up to 相当于 give over to [PHRASAL VERB 短语动词] 专门用于;If something is given over or given up to a particular use, it is used entirely for that purpose. [be V-ed P P n] [usu passive] Much of the garden was given over ...

doing:放弃正在做的事(正在do) to do: 放弃后将要做的事(要do还没do)

give in和give up 两者都可表示“交给”,但有区别:give in 主要表示将某物(如报告、试卷等)呈交给有权受理此物的人;而 give up 通常只是 一般性地表示将某物让给、交给或献给他人或用作他用. 如: Give in your examination papers now.现在把考...

i have given up to give up 我放弃了放弃 例句 You deserve all the love that I have to give , and I have not given up hope that I will still be able to come there. 你值得我附上所有的爱。而且我从来也没有放弃过我能够到来的想法。

可以中间,也可以后面,具体看情况 give up 1.stop trying;cease doing sth.停止做某事;放弃做某事 *I did want a holiday abroad,but I've given up the ided.我确实想出国度假,但现在已放弃了这个想法. *If everyone gave up smoking and...

爱是愿意放弃 be willing to 英 [ bi: ˈwiliŋ tu: ]美 [ bi ˈwɪlɪŋ tu ] 乐于;甘于;肯;甘; give up 英 [ ɡiv ʌp ]美 [ ɡɪv ʌp ] 放弃;投降;把…让给;戒除;

两者都有,只是意思不一样 give up to do sth放弃后去做某事 give up doing sth放弃做某事。 如有疑问,请追问!


Visions that can change the world trapped inside an ordinary girl 梦想会改变平凡女孩心中的世界, She looks just like me too afraid to dream out loud 她和我一样害怕到不敢大声说出梦想。 I know it sensible idea It won't make sense...

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