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givE up to Do

give up to do sth.事情还没开始,就放弃了 give up doing sth.事情做到中途,才放弃的

两者都有,只是意思不一样 give up to do sth放弃后去做某事 give up doing sth放弃做某事。 如有疑问,请追问!

前者的意思是放弃正在做的事。其实全写应为give up (in) doing sth. ;而后者表示放弃将要做某事。不明白,请追问!

doing:放弃正在做的事(正在do) to do: 放弃后将要做的事(要do还没do)

give up doing sth/sth

give up doing sth 放弃做某事

请不要放弃尽力去做你真正想做的事。 额。。。完善一下我的回答: try doing sth 试着做某事。 try to do sth 设法/尽力做某事 含义是有差别的——仔细体会如下: try calling her 试着打她电话 try to call her 设法打她电话

one must give up loving things,can choose to do what is right 一个人必须放弃爱的东西,可以选择做正确的事

Are you willing and do not know me, I love you long time. Although I know I am not particularly perfect, but I would be perfect for you...

这是开头在影院被揪出来打的 (不知道):You just don't know when to give up ,do you ? 你就是怎么也不会放弃是吧? Cap:I can do this all...

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