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givE up to Do

give up to do sth.事情还没开始,就放弃了 give up doing sth.事情做到中途,才放弃的

两者都有,只是意思不一样 give up to do sth放弃后去做某事 give up doing sth放弃做某事。 如有疑问,请追问!

give up doing 放弃做某事 (固定搭配,可记为介词后跟动名词,即doing)

give up doing sth/sth

give up to do sth. 事情还没开始,就放弃了 give up doing sth. 事情做到中途,才放弃的

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doing:放弃正在做的事(正在do) to do: 放弃后将要做的事(要do还没do)

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