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givE up on sB

give sb. up 1、断绝与...交往 e.g. She gave up a lot of her friends when she got married. 2、把某人交给警方,自守(to...)e.g. The murderer gave himself up (to the police). give up on sb./sth.对…表示绝望;对…不抱希望 e.g. They r...

呵呵 从意思上说是相同的 都是给我支持的意思 但 back me up 更地道一些 可以翻译为 作我的坚强后盾 1. If you don't back me up on this I will loose it. 如果这事你不帮我,我就完了。 2. I really need your support. Could ...

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