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givE up on lovE

回答和翻译如下: give up on love. 放弃爱情。

我放弃爱,我不在相信爱 我不想爱了

that'way i give up on love 词典结果 that'way i give up on love 这样我就放弃了爱

DON'T GIVE UP ON ME - TYLER PERRY 部分歌词: Don't Give Up On Me Don't Give Up On Us I Love You And I Know I Hurt Cha I Know That I Was Wrong And I Can't Changed That How Could I Hurt Cha If The Question I Have No Answer To Wha...

don't give up on us 歌手:sarah mclachlan 专辑:laws of illusion [ti:don't give up on us] [ar:sarah mclachlan] [al:laws of illusion] sarah mclachlan - don't give up on us love has taken me for a fool gotten out in time to save ...

关于爱情,我绝不会放弃,你能感受这样的感情吗?对你,我是全心全意的,现在,我并不打算退缩。请你相信我 如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

绝不要丢下你爱的人,特别是在他们想推开你的时候 有些时候他们把你推开只是为了看看你的爱坚不坚定


首先,give up 后面应该是loving,然后to give up 中应该去掉to,因为后面是一个完整的句子,to不能引导句子,只能作目的状语。或者改为From now on, I want to be back to myself,and to give up loving you.

求翻译中文Learning to be resolute and independent, to smile, and to give up on love that is not worth it, are signs of maturity....

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