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Food and drinks意思是食品和饮料。 food[英][fu:d][美][fud] n.粮食; 食物,食品; 养料; 资料; You call this food? 你把这叫食物? drinks[英][drɪŋks][美][drɪŋks] n.饮料( drink的名词复数 ); 酒宴; 一杯或一份酒; v.饮...


加了S表示一堆饮料或一堆食物 里面有很多种类那种意思


I like eating healthy. I don't like eating junk food. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. And I eat very little meat, because to much meat is no good to our health. I also drink plenty of water and seldom drink any soda or ot...

食物 drink 名词是 酒 动词是 喝

用复数 由and并列的两个主语用来指同一个人、同一事物或同一概念时,或是在and并列的两个可数名词前有every、each、no、many a修饰时,则谓语动词用单数形式.否则就用复数形式.

B.and no 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

My favourite food is cake.because it is very delicious.Although cake is very sweet,it looks very beautiful.On my birthday,my mother bought a cake for me.I was very happy.There were many things on the birthday cake. For example ...

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