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ComE out From

从中出来 例句: Where does the bone come out from? 骨头是从哪里来的? 2. His voice struggled to come out from deep inside of painful chest. 他的声音难以走出内心深处的痛苦的胸部。 3. Raw materials come in from one end of the ass...

come out of 更常用

其实重要的区别是: ① come out of = come + out of。 out of本身是词组(come并不是关键), 表示: a) from with to outside of, 由里向外; b) from a given condition, 在某个特定条件下; c) from an origin, source, or cause; 起...

come out 出版;出现;出狱 from 来自 come out from 从**出来

come out有“出版、出现、为人所知”的意思 come out of是“由…产生、从…出来”的意思

(1)Come out of Closet(壁橱,秘室,小房间):走出壁橱和秘室(2)Come out from the Mountains:走出大山 ---【简析】前者用于某个小型物体或空间(橱柜,小房间等),后者是大空间(房子,大山等)。。。满意的话别忘了采纳哦嗯

从。。。出来 例句: He came out from the classroom. 他从教室里出来

前面丢掉了动词吧。应该是We can see a lot of smoke coming out from that building. 用现在分词。

come out from the closet 从壁橱里出来 双语对照 例句: 1. She cleared out all her old clothes from the closet. 她把她所有的旧衣服从壁橱里拿出来。 2. I'm trying to call the precinct. From a closet? 我想试着打给分局在储物间?

选B come out 出来

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