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As is shown ABovE对吗

对的。 双语例句权威例句 As is shown above, there are two cartoons presenting two quite different situations. 正如上面所示,有两幅漫画描述了两种完全不同的情景。 As is shown above, on the sky fly a group of doves symbolizing the ...

There are reasons here. Frist,as the job market gets shrinking, but jobs which society provided is limited. Second,it's easy for some students to find work. But the fact is that some students think the salary is so low that the...

greetings shown above什么意思:领导的要求

函数f图形的一部分显示在上面的x,y平面了。那么函数g(x)=f(x)+1的y轴截距是多少? 应该就是函数f的y轴截距+1,很简单的一道数学题哈。



1.As is vividly demonstrated in the picture above. As 后加It 2.businesses 是不可数名词 3.millions of individuals 没见过这种表达,用 people 保险一点 4.Internet has a great influence on our lives. influence 是可数名词,前面是很多...


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