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A FAir ChAnCE oF

There’s a fair chance the coffee is the best in town. 这种咖啡很可能是镇上最好的。

Does it refer to nature, or chance, or every fair in the line above, or to the effect of nature's changing course? KDJ adds a comma after course...

thrilled with the chance,it did not come without its fair share of ...To then follow those high-rehearsals with a busy show schedule of up to ...

尽管机会让我兴奋不已,但是机会会很公平地带来一定的挑战。 it 指代前文的 chance,its 也是指代 chance,这句话意思如上,用法上没什么特别的,它是个双重否定,所以翻译时正过来说就好。

In modern life, a mass of people work day and...but the teacher has a fair treatment in many ...a good chance , i also want to achieve this ...

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