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ShE is A tEn%yEAr%olD girl.=ShE is A girl _____...


The term originates from the 1400s when many women were considered to be witches. People would say "She's a ten" when they thought somebody was a Witch, because back then Witches would roam the streets in groups of ten. Therefo...

ten years old,形容词 改过来应该是ten-year-old

逻辑上没区别,只是要说区别可以翻译如下: she is ten:她有10岁了 she is ten years old:她是10岁的年纪

she is ten years old

岁数 代表她十岁

C 她是我女儿 正确 D 答案monitor拼写错了 A 答案 回答how old B 回答 What is the girl..

he is yaoming he can play basketball well he usually play basketball

she is a in a (primary)school. shes ten years old 她在一个小学,她十岁了。 primary 英 [ˈpraɪməri] 美 [ˈpraɪmeri] adj. 首要的,主要的;最早的,原始的;[地质学]原生的;基本的 n. 第一位;最好者;要素;候选人提拔...

主系表没错。 用英语表达一个人的年龄: 1表示“整岁”,直接用基数词或year,age,例如“他20岁”可表示为: He is twenty. He is twenty years old. He is a twenty-year-old man. He is aged twenty. He is at age twenty. He is at th...

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