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There is no expression of symbolism or other derived connotations one would take away from other buildings in their materiality. 译文:没有任何象征或其他衍生的内涵可以从其他建筑中获得。

请知悉这批货物将于明天装柜以及报关,我们会跟进并进一切努力去确保这个shipment不会被延误。 我有更好的答案|搜索相关资料 Please kindly note that this batch of goods will be loaded into the container and applied to the customs , We ...

你需要为由TE Accounts Payable提供的4张手写发票支付40美元工本费。

Dear Sir/Madam, We have received your message of dispute, but we didn't get the point in it. There is no logistics tracing for this order, because it was initially sent as a packet to Hong Kong, and was returned on failure to p...

Could you please confirm the terms of your export? Pick up by your specified agent or send to your company?


第二行英语 AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE CARD 可信赖性 证明书 卡 大概是质检卡之类的……

According to the effect picture as you provided, it can be seen that this cup has a color different from the color of the pattern of the bowl. Is this the effect you need? Please check the attached picture. We have corrected th...

我方声明已收到上述款项 翻译: We have stated that the above amount has been received.

According to your request, we will ship to you tomorrow, you arrange to pick up our home or our Singapore warehouse to warehouse your company in Malaysia? Also, the following arrangements for payment, thank you!

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