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in order to induce each Party to disclose to the other Party certain oral and written proprietary business, financial and technical information relating to the their respective businesses 以诱使各方向对方披露某些口头和书面的专...

Dear Sir/Madam, We have received your message of dispute, but we didn't get the point in it. There is no logistics tracing for this order, because it was initially sent as a packet to Hong Kong, and was returned on failure to p...

第二行英语 AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE CARD 可信赖性 证明书 卡 大概是质检卡之类的……




请知悉这批货物将于明天装柜以及报关,我们会跟进并进一切努力去确保这个shipment不会被延误。 我有更好的答案|搜索相关资料 Please kindly note that this batch of goods will be loaded into the container and applied to the customs , We ...

I've already got the draft, but could hardly see any difference in colour. Anway, I will double compare with the sample and feedback to you.

The bottles you sent last time didn't pack tight and there were dusts on it. Two bottles without tops, pls send two more tops this time. 希望采纳


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