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——Chuckie Akenz you were my everything this goes out to someone that was once the most important person in my life i didn't realize it at the time i can't forgive myself for the way i treated you so i don't really expect you to...

Growing Pains-Birdy 你听下是不是这首

Katy Perry - Dark Horse 印象最深刻了!!可以去听听~~

是不是的。The Weepies 的 Gotta Have You? Gray, quiet and tired and mean 苍白,安静和疲倦,尝试着浅忆不快的往事 Picking at a worried seam I try to make you mad at me over the phone 通过电话,我想让你为我疯狂 Red eyes and fire a...

Hollaback Girl i'm outta love Happy Boys 如果里面没有的话,。。。。。。。。

兄弟 这首歌找到了吗?我也在找,以前我听过的 不是新歌 我差不多一年前听的好像

Prince Royce - Invisible Nunca te vi, en mi cumpleaños Aunque era mi deseo que estuvieras ahi extrañe tu mano cuando estava enfermo mami trabajaba, no podia venir y yo solo en mi cuarto solo pensava en ti que me busca...

你说的应该是美国说唱天后“麻辣鸡”Nicki Minaj最近的新单曲《Anaconda》吧~~其中的歌词一开始就有很多OMG~~~~

Secret Love Song by Little Mix / Jason Derulo

我只能猜猜了~~ Maps-Maroon 5~~ Meanwhile Back At Mama's-Tim McGraw~~ Mutineers-David Grey~~ Maybe Next May--Secrects~~ Moulding Of A Fool-Paul Heaton~~ 都是最近的~~

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