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watch news on TV

watch news on TV

我的爸爸每天通过电视看新闻的英文翻译是:Line my dad watches news on TV every day,见下图百度翻译

He (watches)news on TV(at) seven o`clock every morning才对

您好! 翻译为:Welcome to watch CCTV news. 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

It was yesterday evening that I saw the news on TV. I saw the news on TV yesterday evening.

蒙牛纯牛奶致癌物超标蒙牛这样的大型企业生产不合格的、危害消费者身体健康的产品十分可耻,蒙牛不应该“蒙”消费者。 10岁女童摔幼儿 孩子成长和父母有很大的关系,父母应该教育好自己的子女。

Yesterday I read an English newspaper for the first time.When I spread it out,I didn’t know where to start.All the headlines confused me and the writing style of the articles was very different from that of what we usually read...

Graduate brain drain threatens poorest nations,says OECD (世界经济与发展组织指出贫穷国家的人才外流已严重制约了这些国家的发展) According to The Financial Times :More than half of known graduates from some of the world's poores...


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