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前言 1984年在政府大学工业主持下研究圆桌会议被举办,美国国家科学院, 美国国家科学院院士,医学研究院. 它是由一个由25个理事国组成的杰出科学家,工程师,管理者,决策者,由政府,大学和工业界. 其目的是建立一个全国论坛,空气的问题,影响到我们国...

邮电:post and telecommunications 海外部主任: Director of Overseas Department 感到骄傲和荣幸: feels proud and houonred gracious invitation: 诚恳的邀请 a distinguished group:杰出人士 寄托:have someone look after sb; entrust t...

How long do you play games online since the first time you know it ?

Battery operated Remote control. 电池操作遥控器 The item is in very good conditions and complete. 该零件状态良好,完好无损。 The remote ontrol is made of tin and comes with a wheel on the front to move the tractor, and with 2 l...

我此刻需要的只是一副眼镜。 spectacles 眼镜



Under the influence of financial crisis that encounters once in one hundred years,including US dollar, Australian Dollar, the euro many kinds of monetary exchange rate appears slumping, and Renminbi gets more and more“valuable”...

A man driven by jealousy is capable of anything. 被妒忌驱使的人什么事都做得出。


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