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银行对账单 英文

银行对账单及利息单涉及的英文翻译主要有: 主账户转开整整 Main account transfers to lump-sum deposit account 整整 Lump-sum deposit account 整整销转主账户 To cancel the lump-sum deposit account and transfer to the main account 银...

Money Deposit Draw Exchange Batch payment The bank ATM withdrawals UnionPay ATM withdrawals Settlement account Multiple universal voucher

每个月月末与银行对账 At the end of each month and bank reconciliation

1.Account institutions2.Trading Board No. 3.Take off4.Generation Fat 5.start date6.Termination Date7.Currency8.Debit amount9.The amount of credit occurred 下载谷歌翻译器,上面什么都有,可方便了


地区号 District Number 网点号 Branch Number

amount charged-----用取了 -- - - balance 余额 -- - -

Principal and interest transfer in bank statement

the detail information of the bank's export and import list

ATM expenses/into Pos consumption Large amount of remittance Big pay Undertakes all aid Its silver deposits or

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