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《I AM THE BEST 》 歌手:2Ne1 发行时间:2011-11-23 所属专辑:《2NE1 1st Live Concert》 填词:teddy 谱曲:teddy 编曲:teddy 中韩对照歌词 내가 제일 잘 나가(我是最红的) 내가 ...

《Fire》是美国流行摇滚歌手Gavin Degraw2014年8月出的EP单曲,唱出了人们在追逐梦想的同时打开自己的心灵,像狂野的狮子放纵一下,跟着音乐一起热血沸腾。 Oh if there's one thing to be taught 哦 唯有一事值得谨记 —— it's dreams are made ...

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《Fire》歌词 — Gavin Degraw Oh if there's one thing to be taught 哦 如果有件事是要记住的那会是 it's dreams are made to be caught 梦想是用来追逐的 and friends can never be bought 朋友千金难换 Doesn't matter how long it's been 要...

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歌曲名称 Fire - Gavin DeGraw



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