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你好,可翻译为:We find that the color of this sample is very close to the original one after checking,and it has a metal color,so its color will change if you look at it by different angles.Personally speaking,it is a great co...

This amount is very little for factory. They just need four days to finish it. If you fail to get the order, can you help deal with these inventory

I've already got the draft, but could hardly see any difference in colour. Anway, I will double compare with the sample and feedback to you.

这以下货物的出货计划如下, 但前提是我们需要在本周内收到这些订单。 The shipping schedule for below cargoes is as follows, but it all depends on we could get all these orders within this week. 随函附上这装柜计划,请确认, 我们可...

「気にかけて顶き」没有这么说的···其实像以下这样简单地写就可以了··· いつもお世话になっております。 ありがとうございます。 贵女のブログを拝见しますと、 幸せな気分になります。

which 不能单独引导宾语从句的。which引导的宾语从句的时候是选择性的,要加上one,构成which one .... what是可以单独引导宾语从句的,在这里做equivlent of的of的宾语 翻译: 物理学在今日等同于过去曾经的曾被称为的自然哲学,从自然哲学中诞...


我行保证及时对所有根据本信用证开具、并与其条款相符的汇票兑付! 跟这句话意思一样: We hereby engage with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored!

只是度过 首先没有任何事情 请忘记吧 直译就是以上意思,真实的意图,只有局中人自己体味了。

we are sorry to inform that we just finished meeting with the factory. the correct inspection date is updated to be after 15;00 25th. the production should be finished 100% by then. please help to arrange. thanks.

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