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求一首英文歌男的唱rAp 女的唱主歌 女声部分有一句...

歌曲: I Don't Wanna Believe From everything I've seen, Everything good just goes away I never had a taste of heaven Without a little hell to pay All I ever needed was for someone to give instead of take But something about you ...

歌名是don't push me 》sweetbox 唱的 你找了看看是不是这个

歌曲名:Ready For The Good Life 歌手:Marcia Griffiths 专辑:Certified When love calls your name And whispers you're the one When all you've ever dreamed Dances like stars around your heart And finally I hold the chance To give yo...

完了完了 我中毒了 看到标题的第一反应居然是凤凰传奇····我相信我不是一个人-_-!!!

Rihana的《Love the Way You Lie》

Close your eyes Give me your hand Darling do you feel My heart beating Do you understand Do you feel the same am I only dreaming Is this burning An eternal flame I believe it's meant to be darling I watch you when you're sleepi...

是不是 徐仁英和 MC梦的 bubble love 啊? 内个歌就是 MC梦说rap 徐仁英唱副歌的、挺好听的、你可以听听看

《tik tok》? Dont stop ,make me pop..... tonight,I'm fight..... 像这个,不过这个肯定不是男声。

啊哈~love the way you lie……先女后男,但是男生有R&B^

reset 歌手:tiger jk

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