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free loop 里面有楼主你说的这歌词

Close Your Eyes 演唱:Linda Ronstadt,Aaron Neville Close your eyes (close your eyes) Take a deep breath (aaahhh) Open your heart (open your heart), and whisper (I love you, I love you) Tell me you love me (you love me), tell me ...

Never Had A Dream Come True - S Club 7 Everybody's got something they had to leave behind One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time There's no use looking back or wondering How it could be now or might have be...

love to be loved by you


世界多奇妙—路易斯-阿姆斯特郎 Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World求这首歌歌名,谁知道请告诉我


One Day - MatisYahu Sometimes I lay Under the moon And thank God I'm breathing Then I pray Don't take me soon 'Cause I am here for a reason Sometimes in my tears I drown But I never let it get me down So when negativity surroun...

歌曲:I Found You 歌手:The Wanted 你试听下看看。。

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