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Since recently the prices of the raw materials and the labor cost have been much raised, the cost of our production has increased constantly. I'm afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly. Looking for...

We have sent samples of the three colors to BV (Bureau Veritas) for testing them all. Since we expect to get only one report of test results for samples of all colors, we applied for a group test. And accordingly, we only have ...

Please help chek attached invoice if you have remitted money to us.

안녕하십니까?저는 한국 강원대학교의 학생이는데 우리는 삿포로 -...

安装SVGA司机 打开显示设置窗口 帮助您完成安装您的SVGA司机。 完成设施, 跟随这些步: 1) 点击先进的按钮。 2) 点击适配器表格。 3) 点击变动按钮。 这开始更新 设备驱动程序巫术师。 其次点击。 4) 巫术师现在提出二个选择。 选择 第二个选择...


【This is the place where he used to shed sweat and struggle for ten years】 这是他曾经挥洒汗水,奋斗了十年的地方

Only the fruit needs to be bought from the market by yourself. fruit当指水果的统称的时候一般是用作不可数名词,就是说后面的单词形式要用单数 He has been learning English for 6 years.


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