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There is no expression of symbolism or other derived connotations one would take away from other buildings in their materiality. 译文:没有任何象征或其他衍生的内涵可以从其他建筑中获得。

我方声明已收到上述款项 翻译: We have stated that the above amount has been received.

我的理解是这样的:We provide type rich products, meet various industries manufacturing mold film, protective film, such as refinement, differentiated needs.


I remember that as of last year, he still had it. Can you look for it again? If it's really not there, [we]'ll have to apply for it again. 原话里没写是谁申请,暂作"我们".

第二行英语 AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE CARD 可信赖性 证明书 卡 大概是质检卡之类的……

请知悉这批货物将于明天装柜以及报关,我们会跟进并进一切努力去确保这个shipment不会被延误。 我有更好的答案|搜索相关资料 Please kindly note that this batch of goods will be loaded into the container and applied to the customs , We ...

“My mother is remitting money to my bank account to cover my tuition fees and living expenses. Attached please find copies of my bank statements for your reference/perusal.” 我们用中文行文是会加上“不定时”这等字眼,但是在正式公...

◎ 痛苦纠聚心中,眉心发烫发热,胸口郁闷难展,胃里一股气冲喉而上。 本句描写院长的心情,可以用多种手段翻译—— 1、把 “痛苦纠聚心中”作为句子主体,其他意思独立用主格结构作为陪衬性状语。用汉语表述就是“痛苦在院长心中纠结,他的眉心发烫发...

A strong man ,may be able to cry,but never loses

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