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第二行英语 AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE CARD 可信赖性 证明书 卡 大概是质检卡之类的……

There is no expression of symbolism or other derived connotations one would take away from other buildings in their materiality. 译文:没有任何象征或其他衍生的内涵可以从其他建筑中获得。

一个观念越是不受待见,观念持有者越是应该谨慎地遵从已有的惯例和习俗。 注意这里的observance并不是观察的意思,而是遵守的意思

I remember that as of last year, he still had it. Can you look for it again? If it's really not there, [we]'ll have to apply for it again. 原话里没写是谁申请,暂作"我们".

hello, the money has been refunded, pls check.

上个世纪在某种程度上来说是独一无二的,自然环境变化得非常剧烈,而人类施为的集中性导致了这些变化。 human agency 人类施为(human agency)”指人类进行选择和以选择来影响世界的能力。通常与“自然力”相对;而施为(agency)在社会学意义上与...

我方声明已收到上述款项 翻译: We have stated that the above amount has been received.

I've already got the draft, but could hardly see any difference in colour. Anway, I will double compare with the sample and feedback to you.

I'm sorry to inform you that the goods won't be ready until the 12th of this month. Could you please help us to check whether there is any change about the shipping date? Could you also help us to check all these POs? I'm a bit...

Apparently, the definition of function Vsi appearing in the relation (2) is given only in the next page (page 11, relation (3)). It would be worth to give it just after the relation (2), on the page (9). 显然,关系(2)中出现的...

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