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I'm Wang Tao, from a small town. 我是王涛,来自一个小镇

我住在一个叫harywell的小镇。 I live in a small town called harywell.


我想了解关于这个小镇的过去和现在。 I want to know about the past and present of the small town.

I live in a small town named MuDu.

英语:And then take a taxi to our town. 法语:Puis un taxi à notre petite ville 德语:Dann ein taxi nach unserer Stadt 俄语:Тогда такси до наш город 韩语: geurigo ??? taeksireul ??? uri ?? maeul ?? 日语:そして私たちの町まで...

我喜欢闷蛋小镇的英语 I like dull egg town.

I am living in a small village. I hope to go to big city one day 这里住在表示现在的状态,所以用be +ing形式 请参看

my grandparence experienced their whole life in this small town./ my grandparence lived in this small town in their whole life. 如果满意请采纳

漫步通过这小, 步行者友好, 海边镇

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