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Welcome to my town

I'm Wang Tao, from a small town. 我是王涛,来自一个小镇

I have a map of our small town.

I was born in the small town located near Yangzi River. 我出生于坐落在长江边上的一个小镇

I didn't realize until last week that this small town was famous not only for its beautiful scenery .

I like taking a walk around this small town.

我住在离北京15英里远的小镇上 英文翻译: I live in a town fifteen miles away from Beijing.

my grandparence experienced their whole life in this small town./ my grandparence lived in this small town in their whole life. 如果满意请采纳

Where were you born? I was born in a small town in HaiNan.

我来自中国山东东营的一个小镇 翻译: I come from a small town in Dongying, Shandong, China

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