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california gurl katy perry california king bed rihanna 如果不是,那可能就是American Girl 最近新出的,是一个以前一直写歌的女孩唱的,我记得歌词里有in the california 。MV有katy perry,macklemore,Kesha等一众大咖客串的。

要么是RIHANNA California king bed 要么是SnooP dogg 的 California Gurls 不过后面这个节奏应该激情点

是不是 Craig David 《7 Days》??歌里唱到:we were making love by Wednesday and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday we chilled on Sunday I met this girl on Monday took her for a drink on Tuesday we were making love by Wednesday and...

蕾哈娜的 california king bed 绝对的正确。。你要的就是这首

不知道你说的是不是hotel California?

我也在找,歌名叫Young you are gagl可是搜不到歌词,歌词听不清

gala的young for you

是 Sunday's coming i wanna drive my car 星期天来临了 我要开着我的汽车 to your apartment with present like a star 到你的公寓```` forecaster said the weather may be rainy hard 预报员说可能下雨 but i know the sun will shine for us...

歌曲名:California歌手:Phantom We’ve been on the run Driving in the sun Looking out for #1 California here we come Right back where we started from Hustlers grab your guns Your shadow weighs a ton Driving down the 101 Californ...

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