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故事一: One day, a teacher took his pupils to a chicken farm to pay a visit. When they came near the incubator, chick just got out of its egg shell. 一天,老师带学生到养鸡场参观,当他们走近孵化器时,刚好一只小鸡破壳而出。 "It'...

Let me tell you a story . I will tell you a story. I want to tell you a story

英语演讲的开头 今天我给大家讲一个故事,故事的名字叫 At the beginning of the English speech today I tell you a story, the name of the story

翻译如下: 今天我将要讲一个故事 Today I'm going to tell you a story

(1) 画蛇添足 Drawing a snake and Adding Feet 战国时代有个楚国人祭他的祖先。仪式结束后,他拿出一壶酒赏给手下的几个人。大家商量说:“我们都来画蛇,谁先画好谁就喝这壶酒。”其中有一个人先画好了。但他看到同伴还没有画完,就又给蛇添上了...

Hello everybody!I amXX,today, i will tell a story

I think we can not be more familiar with the word “housewife”. Some think that the life of a housewife is comfortable and carefree. Actually, it is not. Instead, it is totally tiring. A housewife has to take good care of the ol...在线翻译,这个可以读.... Now please listen to a short story.或 Here I'll tell you a short story

英语是:The old man told a story to the boy. 词汇解释: old 英[əʊld] 美[oʊld] adj. 老的; 古老的; 以前的; (用于指称被替代的东西) 原来的; n. 古时; [例句]He was considered too old for the job. 他被认为年纪太大,不...

英文哲理短文《苹果树》 A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree. A little boy loved to come and lay around it every day. He climbed to the tree top, ate the apples, took a nap under the shadow... He loved the tree and the t...

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