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I'm Daisy from the Purchasing department, there are two people in our department. our department mainly in charge of raw material as well as instrument and equipment purchasing. we have very strict procurement rules and operati...

Dear xxx, I am xx,a member of work and travel 2011.It is my pleasure to work in your esteemed company and meet you there.I believe that will be among things memerable in my life.According to contract,I am to work from June 15 t...

Is CI and MA of the two new companies ready? Please send us asap. Btw,ROD and ROM can be started to prepare.

Dear XX, I am XX, a new employee of XX company. i am very glad to work with you and i will take over XX 's job. please send emails to me in the future! i hope we could keep a good cooperation! With best regards. yours truly XX

1楼是软件翻译的,好多不准确,我给你手工翻译一下吧。 cause the client needs to check your sample first after approval,they will ask for thousand of pcs so,pls let me know if u can provide me for 100 pcs...for now please 因为客户...

我处正在消化库存,完毕后我会向你订购更多的(商品)。 意指库存足够了。

地道英语 Please leave your messages on my **** (***代表社交平台 比如说facebook, qq space, MySpace, WeChat 等等) page, and hit "Like". 在facebook等国外社交平台上 “赞" 源于简单的”Like“ 希望采纳 欢迎追问 :-)

这英文拼写实在是太差强人意了 基本意思就是 他美金不够,想用自己的货币,问问你会不会因为这个涨价。 你还是问清楚他到底是不是这个意思,以免误事。


简单一点就是:We need the goods/things. And we will place an order if the price is competitive. 注:不过,本人不建议阁下这么做。这事实上是国际贸易中的大忌。

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