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高中英语阅读理解D篇 急!在线等!


I like listening to pop music very much ,everyday on my way to the office or back home,I’d like to put on my earphone to enjoy the music as much as I can.It has become my habit.When I was a little child,my father liked to buy s...


P12 Ex1 sunburnt rid...of expand circulate would rather struggle export satisfied with equip crops thanks to Ex2 statistics,globe super,nationalities Hunger,disease Vietnam,occupations freedom,exported Ex3 decade struggle expan...

we are in complete ignorance of your plans 我们对你的计划一无所知



Givehermybestregards,____A.shouldyouseehertodayB.ifyousawhertodayC.ifyouwouldseehertodayD.shouldyouhaveseenhertoday A译:万一今天你见到她的话,请代我向她致以最美好的问候。析:Shouldyouseeh

一、1.uniforms2.sleepy 3.replied 4.practice 5.importance 二、1.comfortable 2.much 3.success 4.decisions5.suggestions 三、1.tall enough 2.achieving your dream our school uniforms 4.hadopportunity to study 5.aren't allow...

像这样给: set的词组: 1 set up 建立 set off …… 2 dress up 穿上 …… 3 4 5 …… 不要例子 你给个词组然后给它的全部意思就行了

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