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snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism,

一、1.uniforms2.sleepy 3.replied 4.practice 5.importance 二、1.comfortable 2.much 3.success 4.decisions5.suggestions 三、1.tall enough 2.achieving your dream our school uniforms 4.hadopportunity to study 5.aren't allow...

1-5 BACBD 6-10 ACBDC 11-15 BADBC 16-20 AADCB 大概扫了一眼,应该差不多了

one代表同类事物,就是同类的书,她把书丢了,所以去图书馆借了本一样的。 another是另一个的意思,用的话意思是another one是她的书,而且要加one才对。


这个句子是用了形容词短语来做让步状语。还原句子的话,应该是: Although they are short of breath and tired, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. (尽管他们累得气喘吁吁,Andy 和 Ruby是最先等到泰山山顶的。) ...

Ann told her father that She had got tired of looking at nature through dirty curtains and dust windows. The girl said that she needed to pack up her things in the suitcase very quickly. 希望能帮到你!

当Gallanher在8月31日,那个想留住狗的人回到动物医院。Dr.Amanda Thomas 发现了个微信电路片在狗身上。它显示Wessells (一个住在医院附近的人)是狗的主人,然后Dr. Thomas马上就去找他。 Thomas告诉警察“他哭诉说,还没有来得及挂电话” “他认...

Scientists have created the world's smallest "snowman",( )about a fifth of the width of a human hair. A measuring B measures C measured D to measure 答:最佳选项是A。 measuring about a fifth of the width of a human hair 是现在...

我们英语老实说 先通读一下,再看一下题目。能选的选,不能选的也看一下题目 有助于理解,然后再读一遍 开始做。。。

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