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1 is distinguished in 2 different from 3 made up for 4 is going through 5 are named after 6 take control of



1-5 I G H D E

beyond one's imagination 超出某人的想象 beyond 后面加抽象的名词 再比如,the problem is so difficult, and it is beyond my ability. 超出我的能力范围之外 for 为了 为了参观者的想象,意思不对 under 在……下面,意思不对 without 没有 答案A

Unit 2 1. 只有在希腊出生的人才能成为古代奥运会的参赛者。 Only those who were born in Greece could be admitted as competitors in the ancient Olympic Games. 2. 运动员们一个接一个地离开了奥运村。 One after another the athletes lef...

说话的人是在劝说朋友不要作拖腿走路的姿势与腿有残疾的那人开玩笑,因为那人不喜欢被作弄嘲笑 ~~~~~~也就是说选B

还原!!! ()Qinghai-Tibet railway plays an important role in China's railway history is the topic that you are coming to. 分析成分 找出谓语, is is 之前的全部是主语,这里是主语从句 主语从句的引导词 只能 是 that 所以答案C

1. 这就是我梦想的家!我们什么时候可以搬进来? This is the home I have always dreamed of! When can we move in? 2. 你可以跟我说实话,因为我很了解这个情况。 You can be honest with me since I am familiar with the situation. 3. 他很...

完形 1-5 CBCAC 6-10 CCDBA 11-15 BCDAB 16-20 CBCBA 18篇 1 which 2 But 3 smoking 4 particularly 5 to 6 personal 7 health 8 a 9 what 10 to help 19篇 1 by 2 to 3 belief 4 that 5 showing 6 It 7 regularly 8 balanced 9 published 10 di...

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