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高一英语问题 急!!!!在线等!!

we are in complete ignorance of your plans 我们对你的计划一无所知

old enough

名词 1 injuries 2 collection 3 games 4 preference 5 head 6 case 7 pleasure 8 guest 9 reputation 10 application 代词 1 It 2 me 3 It 4 his 5 its 6 they 7 one 8 Nothing 9 Such

看了两遍 你最终选择的答案是正确的 相信自己

1. 不定式在这里是做状语修饰people的,不用完成时态。不定式直接跟在谓语动词后面,而不定式的动作又发生在谓语动词之前才用完成时态,如I don’t know whether you happen to have heard but I’m going to study in the U.S.A. this September....

fault n. 过错, 缺点, 故障, 毛病vt. 挑剔vi. 弄错 responsibility for a bad situation or event 强调坏事而引发的 责任 duty n.责任,义务;职责,职务;税,关税 不分好坏责任 ,强调职责 Many programmers believe it is their duty to info...

1;1disaster,2promote,3get involved,4on hisown,5confident injury,6divorced。 2;1b,2a,3a,4b,5a 3;1get on,2pull through,3understand,4think,5give up, 5;1get over,2get off,3get together,4get up,5get on,6get to...


1,accent 2,eastern 3,street 4,expression 5,recognize 6,straight 1,Believe it or not 2,are very important 3,the same mistake as 4,according to the way which we were using 5,that's because 6,an anxious expression

Da piece of good news 上面是has,就近原则,不能选AB,因为是has只能选单数的。 一条好消息,表达方法是a piece of good news而不是C,所以选d

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