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1 is distinguished in 2 different from 3 made up for 4 is going through 5 are named after 6 take control of

1-5 I G H D E


to persuadeit 换去himthe to a rather than to includinginto to throughforwardsought ofbroke outanystared at

答案应该是C. where 逗号后的句子是所谓的非限制性定语从句. where是副词,表示地点. now 可以省略.

nuccess有必要的肯定的意思 这句话的意思是有天赋并不意味着能成功你必须努力工作 其余单词都不符合意思 formally正式的 honestly诚实的 simply简单的

1 A 用于口语 ,不用谢啦 2 A in the way 挡道

A tour guide is a person who leads groups of tourists around a town, museum, or other tourist attractions. The guide provides commentary on the features and history of the location. The tours can be from as little as 10-15 minu...

1. 这就是我梦想的家!我们什么时候可以搬进来? This is the home I have always dreamed of! When can we move in? 2. 你可以跟我说实话,因为我很了解这个情况。 You can be honest with me since I am familiar with the situation. 3. 他很...

说话的人是在劝说朋友不要作拖腿走路的姿势与腿有残疾的那人开玩笑,因为那人不喜欢被作弄嘲笑 ~~~~~~也就是说选B

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