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1-5 BACBD 6-10 ACBDC 11-15 BADBC 16-20 AADCB 大概扫了一眼,应该差不多了

snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism,

we are in complete ignorance of your plans 我们对你的计划一无所知

My clock didn't ring That's why I were late this morning

stick to 遵守,特指遵守某种规定 connect with 与……联系 insist on 坚持观点 give up 放弃 开车很时髦,只要你遵守交通规则,开车就不是想象中那么困难了。 stick 还有黏贴的意思 stick A to B 把A黏贴在B上

2应该是 the woman that ... is my mother 因为从句要接在名词后 4应该是whose因为是孩子'的'妈妈

investigate是动词,意为“调查”,通常指调查事件等 survey通常做名词,也意为“调查”,通常是问卷等 look into的本意是朝里看,引申意是调查,和investigate的意思大概一致

seise 突然抓住;夺取;侵袭;扣押 seise with illness 身体被病魔侵袭 catch 抓住 hit 击倒 control 控制

Dear Bob, Thank you for your last letter asking about our library NOW.l'll 介绍introdus our libary is so big and very beauty well they are many books. when you have time you can 借书in our library.the time is9.00——9....

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