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第一个空 填the 最高级前用the 第二个空不填 因为前面已经有代词her这种情况就不跟冠词了

Name: Li Ming Gender: Female Age: 18 Hobbies: Reading, drawing, singing and dancing Health: Good Major: Computer operator Computer level: 3 Languages: English and Chinese Special skills and abilities: hardworking and outgoing

1、这句话:Eric set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, of which 14 made it to Greenland. 可以变为Eric set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, 14 of which made it to GL。 2、有from where的说法。比较下列两个句子: (...

1C 2D讲了不要求助网路 3A这就是为什么忽视网络 4B找一个谈话的好地方 5E另一个好地方

1.doing 2.thinking 3.playing ,to play 4.aiming 5.exhibition 6.look portrait 8.realized 9.for 10.aside carry 14.series 15.happened 16.leading 17.attempt 18. ruined 19.take turns 20.agreed 21.undone 22.As ,It,...

we are in complete ignorance of your plans 我们对你的计划一无所知

选C正确。 almost和nearly意思接近,表示几乎,接近,但是修饰more than意思不通,quite不可以修饰more than,只可以修饰形容词;只有hardly表示否定,可以修饰more than,表示不可能超过的意思。 相信你会满意的。

in the light of 事故定搭配 意思是由于,当作的意思

My clock didn't ring That's why I were late this morning

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