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investigate是动词,意为“调查”,通常指调查事件等 survey通常做名词,也意为“调查”,通常是问卷等 look into的本意是朝里看,引申意是调查,和investigate的意思大概一致

1-5 BACBD 6-10 ACBDC 11-15 BADBC 16-20 AADCB 大概扫了一眼,应该差不多了


1.doing 2.thinking 3.playing ,to play 4.aiming 5.exhibition 6.look portrait 8.realized 9.for 10.aside carry 14.series 15.happened 16.leading 17.attempt 18. ruined 19.take turns 20.agreed 21.undone 22.As ,It,...

你好!!watch sth run+adj这涉及到run的用法!!

第一个空 填the 最高级前用the 第二个空不填 因为前面已经有代词her这种情况就不跟冠词了

I live in a big city with a lot of homeless people. Luckily there’re some ways of helping them and you needn’t have a lot of 21. One way to help is to buy their monthly magazine. 22 doing this one day, I got to 23 a young homel...

1、这句话:Eric set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, of which 14 made it to Greenland. 可以变为Eric set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, 14 of which made it to GL。 2、有from where的说法。比较下列两个句子: (...

Dear Tom,      How is everything going? I am writing to share with you one of my favorite movies, Hero, which is not only helpful to your study, but also beneficial to your life. For one thing, the beautiful...

选A 被动,be devoted to doing是忙于、致力于

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