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短文改错~~ 急!!!

It was sunday.Having finished all my homeworks()homework) .I decided to go to the cinema to see Iron Man,that(which) was said to be well worth seeing. It was not long after I go(got) to thebus stop when a bus came.I got on it a...

1.that i enjoying删去 2.have been done------have been doing(1line) meet------to meeting(2line) 4.on our foot------on our feet(3line) 5.for shoting------for shooting(3line) 6.kept------keep(3line) 7.for us------for them(4li...

第二行 because~so 第二行 that~where 第四行 storing~stored 第六行 tells~told 第六行these~those 第八行 fully~full 第十行 many~much 第十一行 gift~gifts 第十一行 去掉 of 第十二行 but~and 第十二行 happy前面加be

答案是: 黑体部分是 改动的: This morning I was walking along the street to a bookstore when I found smoke pouring out of a building.Obviously it was on fire,so I called 119.Several minutes later,the firefighters arrived and tr...

更正楼上答案如下: 总共十一处错误,有一次肯定是楼主自己打错字了。 Mark Twain was born in (the改成a) small town of Florida. When he (is改成was) only twelve years old, his father died. (Late改成Later) he became a river boat pilot...

第三行 works~work 第四行 worry~worried 第五行 say~saying 第七行 any~some 第七行 new前面加a 第八行 happy~Happily 第九行 but~and 第十一行 has~had 第十二行 去掉with

1 fish → fishing 2 meter → metres 3 passing → passed 4 like → as 5 to后加the 6 and → to 7 没错 8 cups后加of 9 may → could 10 many → much

1.problem→a problem 2.advices→advice 3.but→so 4.getting along→get along my→who is my 6.want not→want 7.told her→told him 8.laughs at→laughed at→or

calls--called smallest--youngest took the part “the”去掉 most后面加of and-but lose-lost importantly “ly”去掉 poor girl-- girls them--themselves key后面of改成to how--what`希望对你有帮助`

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