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短文改错 急!!!!!!!!

我把错误的地方括起来了,用横杠后面的词替换横杠前面的。我看见另外一个同学问这个问题,他贴出的是试卷,里面有一个跟你的原文不同 第二句话是 I think it so 如果是你打错了,那么第二个错误就应是 把 it 去掉。这样的话,下面的第九个就不用...

第一行 stay改成stayed as 改成like 第二行 a改成an not后to去掉 第三行 visit改成visiting 第四行 immediate改成immediately 第五行 cake改成cakes too改成so 第六行 or改成and

1,that--which 2,thousangd 3,at one time曾经一度 4,.family-families 5,most of pople 6,

Our mothers accompanied us to school in(in - on ) the first day.Soon a teacher came and led us to some classroom(classroom - classrooms ).There we were put into four separate classes.Some children begin(begin - began ) to cry a...

am改成do hardly改成hard isn't后加in had改成has he改成she or改成and gives改成giving that改成when for改成on works改成work

Dear Mr.Brown,I'd like to introduce myself to you,I want apple(打错了嘛?。。apply) for a position in your firm.I graduate(graduated) from college three years ago and since then I have worked as a(an) engineer.I am good at Engl...

classmate-classmates because后面加of serious-seriously that-it tell-telling relaxing-relaxed were-are 是每行一个吗?

When I found out that my train would be three hours late, I changed my idea and would get a bus instead. I was about to rush out of the train station while a well-dressed old man took me by my arm,"Young lady,"said the gentlema...

going-->go at去掉 difficulty-->difficult finished前加was back去掉 the other的the去掉 therefore-->however although-->if

really…real closely…close our…your taste…tasty them去掉 noise…noisy never去掉 bad…worse tiring…tired many…much impatiently…impatient before…ago Unfortunate…Unfortunately when前加on trip前加a

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