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短文改错 急!!!!!!!!

1. [an] exchange 2. i would [prefer] to -> like 3. single room [in] next term -> 删除in 4. often [held] parties -> hold 5. [made] much noise -> making 6. [that] disturbs me -> which 7. draw your [attentions] -> attention 8. i a...

答案是: 黑体部分是 改动的: This morning I was walking along the street to a bookstore when I found smoke pouring out of a building.Obviously it was on fire,so I called 119.Several minutes later,the firefighters arrived and tr...

It was raining 【hard 】outside, 【which】 made it difficult for me to go home for lunch. Just as I was wondering what I should eat at noon, I saw a familiar figure 【pass】 by our classroom. I rushed out and It was my mother, ...

am改成do hardly改成hard isn't后加in had改成has he改成she or改成and gives改成giving that改成when for改成on works改成work

1. interesting 改为 interested 2. but 改为 so 3. see 改为 saw 4. kind 改为 kinds 5. both 改为all 6. thy 去掉 7. in show 借此改为 on 8. meaningfully 改为 meaningful 9. inventor 前面加 an 10. build 改为 building

1 第一行 after-since 2 第二行 them-us 3 第二行 for-with 4 第三行 that-where 5 第四行 去掉much 6 第五行 staying-stay 7 第五行 day-days 8 第六行 fly-flew 9 第七行 trip前面加a 10 第七行 better-more


第一行 lonely~alone 第一行 去掉it 第二行 interests~interest 第三行 take~taking 第三行 第一个are~is 第四行 on~of 第四行 hard~hardest 第四行 worthy~worth 第五行 long后面加as 第五行 a~an 这语法和改错刚做过

第一行 how~what 第二行 chose~choose 第二行 take~taking 第三行 but~and 第四行 world前面加the

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