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71.why 72.but 73.happened 74.about 75.better 77.ask 78.standed 79.lost 80.friend

Friendship wealth besides because everything forget movies drive disappointed although power

1 was made 2 suggest 3 back 4 themselves 5 director 6 twelfth 7 background 8 seldom 9 was allowed 10 difficulties


1 Henry was worried. This was his first time to go traveling by air. He did not know h_____ to find his seat, so he went to the air hostess and asked, “Could you help me? I can’t find my seat.” The air hostess s_____ him the se...

短文填空主要考察的是上下文理解、词汇、固定短语搭配、时态等,在练习中需要注意细节题目,仔细!小心陷阱 1.rainforests(联系上下文)2.danger(in danger 处于危险之中,固定搭配)3.cut(cut被动,过去完成时形式cut) 4.dying(die out 灭绝;...

1 upset 2 difficulties 3 caused 4 know 5 hobby 6 when 7 advice 8 reading 9 nose 10 Lying

1,say.2,mother.3,detiled.4,populer.5,and.6,this.7,diffent.8,things. 9,lovely.10,too.

A little girl walked to and from school every day. Though it was not fine and clouds appeared in the sky that morning, the little girl made her daily trip to school as usual. When school was over, winds became stronger and it b...

word speaking questions however impolite

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