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In most countries of the world ,there is one medicine called aspirin.N_ everyone takes it.people take it when they have an ache or a pain,and s_ when they have a fever.Doctors b_ it can also help people who have heart diseas...



你空着的地方分别为 then coins company greatly natural

A little girl walked to and from school every day. Though it was not fine and clouds appeared in the sky that morning, the little girl made her daily trip to school as usual. When school was over, winds became stronger and it b...

1,say.2,mother.3,detiled.4,populer.5,and.6,this.7,diffent.8,things. 9,lovely.10,too.

79. see rising 80. had great fun 81. running after 82. won't miss 83. pick up 84. put together 85. used to be 86. studying 87. entered 88. free 89. provide 90. study 91. grown 92. along 93. business 94. fewer 95. situation

1, culture 2, famous 3, large 4, history 5, plant 6, countries 7, till 8, together 9, nothing 10, cream 11, drink

71 shocked 震惊的 72 a 73 stand 站起来 74 However 然而 75 myself 我自己 76 named 名字叫 77 by 被 78 or 或者 79 agree 同意

It is very important to stay healthy. I have a neighbor. She is an old lady. She can do all the housework, __41__ newspapers, watch TV and search on the Internet to learn something new. I often see __42__ do taijiquan in the mo...

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