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1。 否定:并非不是建筑大师格罗培斯设计了迪斯尼乐园。 疑问:是建筑大师格罗培斯设计了迪斯尼乐园吗? 反问:难道不是建筑大师格罗培斯设计了迪斯尼乐园吗? 2。 病句修改:施工部门按指示在乐园的空地上撒了草籽。

What are Mike's hobbies? He reads books every day. My hobbies are reading books,playing football and dancing. What course does your mother teach? He doesn't study Chinese every day.

1how is she?

1,Are those jackets yours? 2, Who are those? 3,These aren't my parents. 4,Are you Jenny? 5,These are my sisters.


10 these are my friends 11 they are my parents 12 is he your brother? 13 no those are not his sisters 14where are our desks and chairs? 15 i have to find it 16 i am clean but Gina is not

1some students others 2 in addition to is interested in 3 as a result 4 spend reading 5 are open

1.There postcards are great 2.China is very big also

1 Max's legs are too long t o stretch under the desk. 2 I will choose May as my best friend because she never speaks ill of others 3 Betty hopes to be a famous singer and travel around the world when she grows up 4 Chinese stud...

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